Better Service Management

HelpMaster is a flexible and powerful service management tool that is used for helpdesk, service management, HR, service catalog and asset management

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Windows & Web

HelpMaster can be used via the powerful Windows desktop client, or via a web portal


Simple and transparent licensing. Get everything for $54 per user per month. That’s it.

ITIL Ready

Implement best-practice ITSM processes such as incident, problem and change management

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Enterprise Service Management

HelpMaster is the solution for smart, agile organizations looking to implement best-practice service management. If lightweight web systems don't have what you need, and expensive enterprise solutions cost more than they are worth and offer features you'll never use (or just too hard to configure), then HelpMaster might be just what you're looking for. HelpMaster is an on-premise helpdesk and ITSM toolset that delivers both desktop and web functionality and at reasonable price.

"It’s a pleasure [to submit a testimonial for HelpMaster]. I really enjoyed your support considering the distance and have enjoyed working with your system over the years. [PRD Software] have always been very helpful and supportive."

  •  Mike Moore, Service Management Consultant - Banking Machine Services
  • Mike Moore, Service Management Consultant - Banking Machine Services
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Self-service web portal with Request Catalog

Give your staff, clients and business partners access to your service desk with a slick, modern web portal that will allow them to request services and support as well as gaining access to your corporate knowledge base, news and information and more.

"I really like this package. Simple enough to be very user friendly and complex enough to satisfy my reporting and communication needs"

  • Chris - Canada
  • Chris - Canada

No-code workflow and process automation

Build process and workflow into key business operations with a drag-n-drop visual interface

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Drag 'n drop workflow objects

Select from over 50 workflow objects to build a process. Use branching, variables, email, approvals, checklists and more

Code-less configuration

No coding is required - just configure each workflow object and connect it to the next workflow step. Easy!

Build processes for IT, HR and Facilities

Create workflow for a range of business processes.

Digital Transformation

Convert legacy forms and spreadsheets into digital workflows

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